Monday, July 30, 2012

London Olympics: Good day for spectators, less so for Team GB

Just returned from a fun day out in Weymouth watching the Olympic Sailing.

Perfect conditions, good wind, no rain, mostly sunny (sometimes too sunny) and lots of action in front of the Nothe Fort, including the prang above when in the 49ers the Finns got their spinnaker in a knot in the water and promptly capsized.

The only downer was that Team GB was less sparkly than the water, with even mighty Ben struggling against that darn Dane.

Its not all bad as Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson are doing rather well in the Star class.

More to come, in the mean time: Go Team GB!


Noodle said...

Wish I was there. I am sure we could have a fun cheering contest. Me cheering for the "darn Dane"

JP said...

I did hear a few Danes cheering away but they were heavily outnumbered by Ben supporting union jack wavers.

I'd say Jonas could do with a few more supporters but he seems to be doing ok as it is!

bonnie said...

Just watched some radical radial action! way more fun that work!

JP said...

Golly watching the live stream at work is SO tempting!

Yup, enjoyed what little of the radials I managed to see, especially watching GB's Alison Young finishing second :)

bonnie said...

Fortunately I came in at 7th mark rounding on the race I watched, and when I tried to continue to distract myself with the canoe slalom they were all off the water already and somebody wearing a plastic bag was attempting to squeegee off the medallists' stand. That wasn't quite as hypnotic as screaming kirby boats!

That Annalise Murphy has figured out some way to outfit a laser with maglev capabilities, hasn't she?

JP said...

Murphy *rocks*!

I noticed her smiling a couple of times going round marks - must have been nice views for her