Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London Olympics: Meet Team JP!

There was the thrilling air of excitement at JP HQ for the official launch of Team JP.

Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to blog the Olympics here in London where the usual hectic swirl had become tornado intense.

Every day there are countless events, and that's before the games have even begun, so covering it all single handed was clearly out of the question. But who could I turn to?

One person literally camping outside was of course our good friend Buff Staysail (btw Buff, the residents association were not impressed by the peeing behind the tent episode). How could they have a top of the line sailing event without ol' Buff commentating?

But I was also convinced by an expert (she says) in the industry of the need to reach out to beyond the usual blog audience to a younger, hipper, more with-it, in-time, connected generation.

So please give a big welcoming hello to this blog's show-biz and yoof columnist, Sassi Tweet!!

Over the next two blogs I'll let our two guest commentators give us their vision for blogging the Olympics.

So that's all good then!!!

Photo from: Wikipedia

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