Friday, July 06, 2012

SAC: The cliffs of the Faroes

The northern entrance to the Kalso fjord is guarded by two great peaks. To the east there is Kunorjarnakkur (above), which drops from 820m somewhere lost in the clouds pretty much straight into the sea.

To the west there is Nestindar (below), similarly wrapped in mist:
It was a pretty amazing sight, one that felt as if it deserved some sort of pounding soundtrack, and my choice was this one.

After a certain amount of wowing it was time to raise the sails and turn as far north as the wind would allow:
Ahead of us was the Arctic Circle.


Kate Pahl said...

I am so impressed particularly since Isabel had just been to see Bjork in Poland, very appropriate!

JP said...

Issy is soooo cool! - Lucky her!!