Thursday, July 05, 2012

SAC: The Dawn Treader and the Faroes

We had an annoying night being requested over VHF to change course and then drop sails by the seismic survey vessel MV Ranform Viking which needed lots of room as it was towing 7.5km long cables.

The next day was pleasant sailing with F3s from the SE and it was towards evening in a gap between scurrying clouds that I saw a dark smudge on the horizon: we had reached the Faroes.

It felt a bit like the Narnia book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in that we were encountering mysterious islands as we sailed in one direction - though of course for us it was as we headed ever north rather than east.

They grew slowly closer as the sun set:
The question was: would we be able to sail through them?


Kate Pahl said...

I love these pictures - very atmospheric!

JP said...


It was really quite dramatic when we realised what we were looking at was land not clouds and then watching the sun set directly in the gap between the islands