Friday, July 13, 2012

SAC: Food and drink

As Napoleon would have put it, a double handed expedition sails on its stomach, but on what, exactly?

It was difficult when surrounded by Tesco's heaving shelves to guess what we'd like when the seas were heaving.

I like coffee - no I love coffee - so stocked up with two big jars of instant, and then didn't open either. The thing is that soon into the voyage we discovered the secret to a happy on-watch was to sleep when off-watch, which meant no coffee, just lots and lots of tea.

Then to go with the mythical coffee what would be better for breakfast than brioche?

Excuse me a moment, but ..... ha ha ha ha!

Sorry, that got to be an in-joke as we soon got sick of the sight of those brioches and were lucky to find another boat to offload donate them too, complete with their hydrogenated fat.

Instead breakfast (and a couple of other meals) was that old reliable, cereals. Lunch was rolls grabbed when we got a chance, preferably with those part baked ones.

The real meal of the day was dinner which was when both of us would be awake and hungry. We'd take it in turns to prepare something sustaining which needed no more than two pans, such as pasta, rice or noodles with sauce.

Top sauce for pasta was those bottles from Lloyd Grossman, though the green pesto was made more zappy by adding pine kernels and slices of chorizo with their kick of paprika.

Indeed anything spicy was good, and our tops favourite was a tinned curry from Tescos (above).

There was of course a cupboard full of treats to keep us going through those tough early morning watches and this was the one we never tired of, namely dried mango:
In fact these are too good just to be eaten at sea and (full disclosure) I'm nibbling some right now.



Kate Pahl said...

Sounds good. Maybe curry in a tin would be nice too?

JP said...

Can any curry taste as good as one tasted in the Arctic Circle?