Monday, July 16, 2012

SAC: The island of Videy

We had a day spare before our flights back to the UK and felt like stretching our legs so took the short ferry from Reykjavik to the island of Videy.

Its a good place for a walk, about 2.8 km long and only 0.6 km wide, mostly covered with long wild grass but no one lives here - now.

At one end of the island there is an abandoned village, though one thing we noticed that pretty much every house had been actively destroyed. Again and again on the information boards for each the key word of the last sentence was "demolished" but no reason was ever given.

Just in front of the landing there's a lovely little church and the mansion created by the founder of Reykjavik, Skuli Magnusson (now a nice little cafe).

Somewhere there's the Yoko Ono Imagine Peace Tower but we weren't that interested enough to find it instead admired Richard Serra's installation basalt pillars standing like a Stonehenge split into isolated pairs.

All in all a very good way to clear some cobwebs and get those walking boots muddy.

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