Monday, July 09, 2012

SAC: The Jokulfirdir fjord and the good watch

There are good watches and there are bad ones.

In the good ones things just work out. Wind starts blowing from just the right direction, a nice F3 or F4, with a warming sun out. Re-fuelling goes smoothly and there is a nice chunk of chocolate or dried mango ready as a reward.

Bad ones are less fun. Typically its early morning, the wind cold and bitter, either too strong or weak and from the wrong direction so that both port & starboard tacks or gybes are bad. Minutes are counted down and the thermos of tea is empty with an hour still to go.

Sleep, or lack of it, plays a big part in separating the good watch from the bad. The watch we entered the Arctic Circle wasn't the best for that reason, to be honest.

But the entry into the Jokulfirdir fjord was definitely a good one.

The sun was out and we now felt like true Arctic sailors, heading south to Iceland. The fjord was remote and walled by high mountains capped by ice. I was alone on deck, steering, geared up so snug and warm after a good off-watch sleep.

There was even some rugged stubble on my chin.

It felt good.


Tillerman said...

Totally agree. I've had a Timex Ironman for years now and it's a very good watch.

JP said...

Mine is a Timex Expedition and it is a very good watch too

Kate Pahl said...

Love this post. It gives the feel of sailing and the highs and lows so clearly