Tuesday, July 03, 2012

SAC: Kirkwall

I really liked Kirkwall on Orkney.

It had plenty of character, its non-chain little shops strung along the main street (below) from the marina to the St. Magnus cathedral (above).

St. Magnus is a magnificent building, dating in parts back 1137. Apparently there is a cathedral almost identical to this in Sicily due to the wide range of the Normans.

I didn't go inside as used by little spare time before the tide was right for departure to visit Skara Brae (next post) which was a shame.

We found a few good restaurants but our favourite was the Skippers Bar. I'm still drooling over their fantastic lemon lemon cake (yum):


bonnie said...

Oh my! My adventure was a little less adventurous but it looks like we're both dealing with the reporting similarly - bit by bit, starting with food! :D

Seriously, hadn't checked in for a while, had seen the posts about the satphone & other technical preparations but hadn't figured out what the preparations were for. Wow.

JP said...

Trust me, there'll be more about food later on :)

That lemon lemon cake was just legendary.