Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SAC: More fog and another good watch

After returning into charted waters and an on-watch/off-watch cycle, we left the Jokulfirdir fjord and headed south on the final leg towards Reykjavik.

Progress was slow and we were engulfed in another cloud of fog. It seemed to hug the coastline and by heading offshore it was possible to see a hazy sun (above).

Later weather conditions improved and I had another of those great watches when everything seemed to go right. Sparkling sunshine, lovely F3/F4 and I sat on the foredeck watching the coastline of Iceland pass by.

The trouble was the wind kept increasing in strength: it was going to be a bumpy night.


Tillerman said...

I have bumpy nights sometimes. Usually it's because I left my library book under the bed sheet.

JP said...

Why would you leave your library book under the bed sheet?

O Docker said...

He wants to be a paperback rider.

Tillerman said...

I only do it when I'm three sheets to the wind.