Friday, July 06, 2012

SAC: Navigating the Faroes

Short version of plan: head for Syoradalur (above) and turn right.

Longer version: see iNavX screenshot below which shows the waypoints put in together with the actual track (its a bit faint so I added an arrow to highlight it):
There are a lot of option to go through the Faroes but the path along the Kalsoe Fjord seemed central, straight-forward, bridge free and with terrain promising impressive vistas.

Wind was either non-existent or very gusty so we motored our way though. We expected our SOG (speed over ground) to accelerate as tide swung in our favour but in the end the currents seemed negligible as if we were in slack water most of the way through, which was a bit surprising.

The scenery was dramatic:
Yes, those white blobs at the bottom of those cliffs are indeed houses (the village of Kunoe) and those at the top snow or ice.

But the best was yet to come....


Kate Pahl said...

I would love to go to the Faroes. Maybe one day...?

JP said...

I think you'd really like it. From what we saw it looks like an intense version of the Scottish Islands