Wednesday, July 04, 2012

SAC: Sailing from Orkney to the Faroes

For the first day or so the weather gods smiled on us. Winds were gentle and the sun shone in a pleasantly warm way while the nights were dark, if briefly.

It helped the transition from orderly life with bathrooms that stay still and regular uninterrupted night's sleep to lurching heads and the broken sleep of the watch system (3 hours on/off then 4 hours on/off, repeat).

But it couldn't last: the natural navigator looked at the feathery clouds in the sky above Goldeneye and warned a change was on its way:
He was right: stronger winds and bumpy seas arrived just as we reached the Faroes.


Adam Turinas said...


What a passage! I am looking forward to reading future installments. This makes my schlep along the South shore of Long Island seem a little sad.

JP said...

It was a really good sail with some great life experiences.

As someone who doesn't own a boat and who has never sailed anywhere near Long Island that sounds pretty exciting to me.

Kate Pahl said...

I am so enjoying this Captain JP and am rushing online to read the latest installment!

JP said...

There is more :)