Friday, January 20, 2017

London Boat Show 2017: the age of the vlogger

Its times like this that I feel too old to try out vlogging.

I was watching the end of the fashion show at the London Boat Show (waiting for Dee Caffari and Sam Davies) when up popped young Alissa (above, centre).

She is a vlogger with her own YouTube channel TRAVEL around LONDON with ALISSA and was visiting the boat show with press pass and all.

You can watch her report here:

I think I'll go and count my grey hairs now...


Anonymous said...

it looks from this side of the pond that the London Boat show is quite the event. NY's show pales in comparison.

JP said...

It felt less buzzy than usual, with the aisles not as full as previous years. More people go to the Southampton Boat Show where they have more actual boats - sounds a bit like your Annapolis Boat Show.

The talks were a definite plus with top sailors speaking so I focused more on them and less on looking at or buying gear, though a couple of things did catch my eye.

Also managed to get a free copy of Sailing Today after describing my trip with Tristan to the Arctic Circle - woo hoo