Sunday, January 15, 2017

London Boat Show 2017: A Question of Sailing

Saskia Clark and Mark Covell were back later on the first Saturday of the London Boat Show in a Question of Sailing hosted by Alec Wilkinson. They were joined by Monty Halls (more on him in the next post) and three attendees of the boat show.

I rather liked Saskia's name card:
There were sailing related questions, such as identification of flags, and tasks, such as racing to get into life jackets including inflating them (fun).

There was also a "what happened next" round with series of clips, and anyone that follows Sailing La Vagabonde might recognise this one:

The scores entering the final round were remarkably even - suspiciously so, as Monty Halls pointed out - with tie breaker a hornpipe dance off task:
After those high kicks it was clear who the winner would be: Saskia's team!

Updated: another high kicking photo -  pretty impressive angle!


Anonymous said...

That Saskia high-kick picture is so weird - looks like she has three legs!

JP said...

I see what you mean - it's a screen grab from a video so might look into replacing it