Thursday, January 19, 2017

London Boat Show 2017: Dee Caffari and Sam Davies

Also up at the London Boat Show was Sailing Uncovered's Alec Wilkinson talking to Dee Caffari and Sam Davies (above).

It was a really interesting chat, with of course lots about their experiences in offshore races like the Vendee Globe (as blogged many years ago) and the Volvo Ocean Race:
They covered familiar topics of food and toilets at sea but without much apparent enthusiasm.  What did seemed to enthuse them was talking about Alex Thomson in the Vendee Globe (then about 125 NM behind Armel le Cleach) and whether he could grab first place:

It felt in line with one of their main messages: that what interests them is not so much women sailing but just sailing and how it should be for everyone 'cos its great and exciting.

Alas no chance for a post interview meet and greet but interesting to hear them talk live:

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