Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cracking the code

O Docker has recently written about the dangers of the blogging in the twilight hours, when shadows become monsters and fancies spill into type to be posted to a waking world.

My main thought at 2 am (if any) is when oh when will I be able to get to sleep like sensible folk, but there is another problem that does makes me wonder the next day what I could have been thinking of.

Every now and then an idea for a blog post comes into my head, and its not usually when at laptop with Chrome (my browser of choice) up and running, but rather while I am up and running, for example jogging along the Thames path.

And to try to keep those ideas for posterity I'll make a rough note on my iPhone, jotting a few words that summarise the concept.

Many of these post ideas remain sadly on the list for a long, long time, like the unread book left on the shelf, always second place to the more interesting more exciting latest thing.

But one idea was pure gold, humorous yet meaningful, and I was looking forward to expanding it into a full post. Except I had forgotten what it was and the iPhone note meant nothing to me and remains cryptic to this day.

Hence I must throw this problem to the wider community - can you help and suggest what I would have said if I hadn't forgotten it.

The iPhone note that is our only clue is as follows: "Blog writer o docker & tasteful pics"

You can see it must have been a good one, probably involving San Francisco sailors / writers and mermaids.

Feel free to reply in any style or format that you feel is appropriate whether fictional or non-fictional.


Tillerman said...

Help JP Crack the Code.

O Docker said...

The only thing that occurs to me, JP, is that you were planning to write one of those posts that contrasts the sublime with the ridiculous.

Maybe the great range of things to see in London - from the treasures of the Tate to the lap-dancing booth at Earls Court.

That's the only connection I can think of between me and anything 'tasteful'.

JP said...

Alas my memory is still a blank, so any suggestion could well be the right one.

Already I've been contacted by two writers and when have had chance to proof read their efforts will put them up for general consumption