Friday, October 09, 2009

A day off

Tillerman recently raised the subject of whether more is less or vice versa for your sailing blogger, but there seems to be another problem.

How can you be a sailing / kayaking blogger if you don't go out on the water? This year there's been a rather a lot of land based activity and much of that in offices which are mostly very boring and nothing at all like The Office (US version, not UK).

But today worked out there were no meetings or backlog of documents to write so switched off the alarm and woke at the same time wondering when it was going to go off.

And yet didn't go out on the water. Ok, partly because its gone all Autumnal with grey clouds and rain in the afternoon, partly as use club boats rather than buying my own, and partly 'cos the rain earlier this week that O'Docker warned about no doubt led to another sewage overflow event. Not only was the bubbler out again (above) but the EU is actually going to take legal action - enough is enough!

Instead did a day in the London Tate's catching two exhibitions in the Tate Britain and one in the Tate Modern, and took the excellent shuttle boat between the two.

Hey - how about that! Did get out on the water after all!


The O'Sheas said...

Working on returning for BETT in January. I'll drag you to the boatshow, yeah?

JP said...

Excellent - see you in the Guinness bar!

Let me know nearer the time when abouts you'll be in London