Monday, October 12, 2009

Voyage of Plastiki

There seems to be a big media push for the Plastiki expedition, as yesterday there was an article in the Observer magazine and today an interview on Channel 4 News.

All very worthy stuff as there is no doubt that plastic is naughty, bad, wrong, yucky etc and we need to be better people and save the planet, so if you haven't read the article or seen the video well worth checking out.

The boat is somewhere in Pier 31 in San Francisco, so no doubt there will be some blogger who wanders in and asks when it comes to plastic bottles, is the 12,000 used to build Plastiki really a case of less and not more?

The answer is a definite yes, as the Observer article quotes there being 5.8 million pieces of marine debris going into the sea every day.

While not entirely sure where that statistic came from, the amount of gunk in the waters is clearly a case of way too much.

Less please!

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