Saturday, October 31, 2009

Escaping up river

It's been a bad week for blogging.

I blame work - at least hope so. When you get a headache that lasts all day for most of the week alas it means one of two things. Firstly, if you do a Google of the symptoms (actually any symptoms, it always ends up the same), you are definitely going to die of something horrid.

Hence I never do this - also because one of the founders of Google have been apparently doing something if not evil then definitely morally wrong.

So guessing it was too many documents and meetings over the last few weeks took Friday off as an experiment involving limiting access to email and keyboards, and instead biked up river to Kingston.

If Google was right the headache would get worse, if I was right it would go away.

And am delighted to say the self medicated solution worked! It certainly helped it was a lovely autumnal day, unseasonally warm with gentle sun in a faintly blue sky. And all along the river the trees were shades of dark green, yellow, red and brown.

Want to be 100% as next week have another business trip so need to clear the sailing blog decks so can post on those sights that hopefully will have time to see.

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