Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Navionics iPhone Chart V3.2

What's this? Is it an update to the Navionics iPhone Charting App?

Yes it is! Oh no - I hope it doesn't include loads of new features that will take ages to blog.

Lets have a look..... hmmm... no, looks like will be ok this month. The only new feature spotted is it now shows the distance and heading from one purple pin to the other in the top toolbar.

Ok, that's that done, time to put feet up and finish a book, and if it's any good will blog on it another day.


aperissi said...

Captain JP,
the 3.2 release of the Navionics app for iPhone was necessary since some users had notified us with a software problem (not present in all apps), and Navionics felt this needed to be fixed in order to provide good service to users. We have also added Waterfront Restaurants to our points of interest list.
We hope it's appreciated!!

Carol Anne said...

Ahh, waterfront restaurants! Excellent idea. Whenever I go somewhere, I always make a point of enjoying whatever food is the local specialty. (The year I lived in England I discovered that, contrary to popular belief in the rest of the world, the British have some really good eats!)

Now, if that app can link to the Zagat app ...

JP said...

aperissi: waterfront restaurants are of course my favourites so will look out for that (though note that there are none at Steni Vala which blogged on earlier)

Carol Anne: there has been a real eating revolution over the last 20 years and now London has arguably the best Italian restaurant in Europe and better Indian restaurants than India.

..... golly that is a bit controversial!

Carol Anne said...

Even when I was there, the Indian restaurants were awesome. I remember a particularly distinctive one in Scone, with curries to die for.

But even the native cuisine can be very good. There's a pub in Greenwich that I'm dying to revisit for its venison sausage, and a place in Abingdon that serves up the best steak and kidney pie.

(Verification word: hotly. I'm not kidding.)

JP said...

I love a good curry - and they are even good for you: check this out: