Thursday, February 07, 2013

London from SPAAACE

This very cool photo was taken by astronaut Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station who said:

From London on the Thames to the sea to the world, so much of history came from this brightly-lit city

And somewhere in that sprawl is JP HQ.


Tillerman said...

Very interesting. Surprised to see how well the motorways stand out, and how Heathrow looks from space, and how the centre of the city is so much more brightly lit than any of the rest of it.

JP said...

I rather like the way the Thames, the Lea Valley and the Royal Parks stand out as lines / patches of darkness.

Tillerman said...

What are the blue dots?

JP said...

I don't know. Image errors? Maybe strong white lights diffract or diffuse into blue?

It could of course be the ultimate art installation