Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sailing from the Arctic Circle - video

In the post on Mingming's voyages up to the Arctic Circle I embedded one of the videos Roger took. It brought back many memories as we had seen very similar views - and videoed them too.

So I unearthed the clips, uploaded one of them to YouTube and you can watch it above. But I should warn you it is really boring.

It is a bit like Waiting for Godot, but without all the drama and excitement of that play.

Unfortunately, as posted earlier, whenever we saw something interesting like dolphins or whales we were mostly too busy going "ooh!" and they were too busy disappearing again back under the waves.

So this video was just meant to capture the mood on three watches, all good ones, alone in the cockpit (or, towards the end, on the foredeck) admiring the scenes:
1) Sailing WSW towards Icelands NW coastline
2) Motoring up Iceland's NW fjords towards uncharted waters
3) Sailing S towards Reykjavik past the peak of Snaefellsjokull


Noodle said...

That clip is pure Zen...

JP said...

Zen sounds better than boring.... lets go with that instead (and also rather neatly links to an upcoming post)