Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Message to all Sailors

Sailors - listen carefully, for you have been misled.

The powerboat is not bad as you have been told. This is said by those that have yet to have their eyes open, who still wander in the vale of ignorance.

The powerboat is a thing of beauty. Forget despondently drifting in the calm, forget taking hours to get anywhere, forget having to do things called a "tack" or a "gybe" just to go where you want to go. Forget having to worry about masts bashing into bridges and join me.

For today I blasted through the Thames Barrier at 20 knots, and what glory there was in that moment. Then I powered through central London passing St. Pauls before returning to fly under Tower Bridge at 20 knots, and how great was the feeling.

And verily it was revealed that the powerboat is good.


tillerman said...

Bravo. You are leading the new wave. Today I arranged my powerboat outing for next weekend.

Baydog said...

Once in a while it is fun to just go straight and fast, as long as someone else is paying for the gas.

Carol Anne said...

Amen to that, Baydog.

(verification word: resses -- as in "Congres should be on pernament resses.")

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Baydog, I'm always willing to go straight and fast if it's on the freeway and on the way to water where I can raise sail!

Baydog said...

Doc: You really are hardcore wind. Admirable. However, sometimes to retain friendships with those friends less enlightened, one must make concessions such as going straight and fast on the water. Those friends almost always have cold beer on board. And cigarettes if you are so inclined ;). (former smokers are always the most obnoxious ones)

doryman said...

We all pay for that gas, especially those downwind. Everyone lives downwind of someone.
I'm hoping you are speaking tongue-in-cheek here, JP.

O Docker said...

OK Buff, you've had your fun.

Will you please give JP his computer back.

Turinas said...

What wizard wheeze

JP said...

There are reasons, honest (see post)

Normal service might be resumed later or maybe not.

It is hard to resist the power of the dark side.

Ron Sheridan said...

While recently in Panama, a gent next to us explained the aging process.

-Power Boat
-Motor Home
-Nursing Home

(I'm straddled between 1 and 3 right now and trying to maintain my balance)

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Peeked at your site, Ron. It's obviously the motor home for you!