Saturday, May 29, 2010

Off boating with an iPad

It's a bit like the beauty and the beast. The newest & coolest kit with this slow and beamy boat (using the widest definition of the word as per Carole Anne) together in the home of "Wind in the Willows".

Indeed the gentleman practicing fly fishing (he was keen to emphasis the practice bit as it is the closed season) told us we had gone past Toad Hall. Alas the youngest of my crew were learning to drive as we pottered by but we will have another look on the way back.

Tomorrow we are promised sun not the rain we had today.

But if you are reading this the iPad is doing what it should.

ps: we are having a lot of fun!


Carol Anne said...

As I type this, I, Gerald, and one of his buddies are all connected to the Web via a device that has converted my laptop (OK, folding semi-portable behemoth) into a wireless device that also provides a WiFi connection for up to four other devices.

Connectivity is nifty. Unfortunately, having it means that I spent much of today working rather than enjoying the lake and the holiday weekend.

Carol Anne said...

Oh, and let me know if you find Toad Hall and what it's like.

JP said...

We spotted Toad Hall on the way down!

Pics to come.