Monday, May 24, 2010

Which boat..... and why?

A selection of pics of some of the boats out on the Thames over the last week. Which would you choose and why?

Pick 1 (above) is the Laser, while choice 2 (below) is an old fashioned rowing gig Thames Waterman Cutter (thanks Chris):

Next up choice 3 on dry land a lifeboat:


More peaceful this Enterprise is number 5:

A bit more up to date this RS Vision choice 6:

A bit more exciting, the old bill's choice, its number 7:

And lets not forget at number 8 its the fire and rescue team:

At 9 it's the rowing boat that posted earlier, captured in the sunset:

And last but not least at number 10 there's this, the Clarkson special:

Also....... what isn't on this list?


bonnie said...


ahem. ahem.

ahem. ahem. ahem. ahem. ahem.

sorry, there's a frogma in my throatma!

Tillerman said...

Too easy. Has to be the Laser, #1. You're not surprised are you?

Reasons... 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10 have engines. You know I was only kidding about powerboats, I hope.

I wouldn't say no to 2 and 9 if there were no sailboat available. There is some rowing in my past. Racing even. I could even blog about it one day if pressed.

Of the Enterprise and the RS Vision, I would probably prefer the Vision. Looks a bit more exciting. But I would need a crew. And I don't play well with others. There's no "me" in team.

So the Laser is perfect for me. Using the power of wind and water, exciting, simple, fun...

What did I do this weekend?

Glad you asked.

Sailed a Laser of course.

Chris Partridge said...

That ain't no 'old fashioned rowing gig'. That's a Thames Waterman Cutter, rigged to carry an aristocratic traveller to Hampton Court, where a Tudor Pull was in progress on Saturday. Great boats they are.

O Docker said...

I should think an Englishman would do well at team play.

While there may be no 'me', every team does begin with tea.

Joe said...

Laser? Can't we get away from that abomination? Hey wait, he who must be obeyed has made his presence known to us mere mortals. Now that I have been caught, I'll probably be sent off to live out the rest of my life rowing, chained to my oar, on a Trireme.

Tillerman said...

It's a myth that Englishmen are good at team stuff. Look at the heroes we have...

Scott of the Antarctic - failed to reach the south pole first and died with his team.

Franklin - failed to find the North-West Passage and died with his team.

America's Cup - need I say more? How many failed attempts were there by English teams to win the Cup?

And these were the people that were held up to us at heroes when we were boys. It taught me one thing: don't get involved with team sports. You will almost certainly fail in whatever you are trying to achieve and quite possibly die.

That's why there is no me in team.

Baydog said...

But, there is team in Te Amo, and we love you Tillerman

Baydog said...

And I'd take the Enterprise. I love the blue sails, and I think my 280 lbs. plus would be a perfect crew weight of one for one of these beauts.

doryman said...

I already have an Enterprise, so I'll pick the Thames Waterman Cutter, thank you.
P.S. Baydog - would you like to buy an Enterprise?

O Docker said...

Of the choices given, I think I'd be captain of the Enterprise, too, JP.

Not being the competetive sort, I moved on from Lasers to a dinghy much like that. Most of what I know about sailing - however little that might be - I learned from that boat. I still miss its virtues - simplicity, responsiveness, and that little buzz that comes from knowing your wits and skill - and not a slab of lead - are keeping you out of the drink.

In time, I was seduced by the decadent pleasures of keelboats and the horizons they can disappear behind.

Chris Partridge said...

Hey Joe - rowers on Triremes were never chained to their oars, they were volunteers in the first war for Athenian democracy against Persian tyranny. Rowers were fighting for freedom!

JP said...

Bonnie: it's ok, not forgotten and they were out there! More in latest post

Tillerman - sure, it's a great boat and no need for a crew. You can just head out there when you want.

But then a crew is more social and a boat that can be crewed is an asset for many.

Chris - I stand corrected and will go edit asap. Thanks also for the update on what they were doing. Would have googled but alas short of time at the moment

O'Docker and Baydog: I am tempted by the Enterprise - its a good all round boat and the sort of thing an uncle can use to entertain those nephews and nieces. And actually not that much bigger than a Laser.

But there as always want something that is fast and sporty, and not sure that's the Enterprise's strong suit. More like warp factor 4.5

Chris (again) did you see that More4 program about Athens recently? Very interesting it was too.

Chris Partridge said...

I did indeed, and it was as good as her previous programme on Sparta. Unfortunately I seem to drift off topic when Bettany Hughes is in shot ahem ahem.

JP said...

I missed the Sparta one, will have to check 4OD when get time

Pat said...

"Museum craft" -- I believe there might be a couple of old boats at Greenwich. Well, technically not ON the Thames, but if one is picky there's the Belfast just a bit up in the city.