Saturday, May 29, 2010

Test post

Alas one drawback of the iPad is the browser Safari. It was known that it can't do flash but what is worse is it's inability to manage complex web sites like Google Docs and (this is really bad) Blogger.

As always the answer is "there's an app for that" so this post is checking out the BlogPress app.

Bit limited but I guess that's what life is like at the bleeding edge

Bonus marks for those that can guess what central London building this wind vane was on.


Pat said...

And I was thinking this would be a post about the river. Ah, maybe too narrow for sailing.

O Docker said...

IF EXIST NewiPadPurchaser GOTO END

I'm sure issues like this will sort themselves with the new iPad, JP.

I was thinking about one, but just opted for a much less sexy netbook, at about half the cost.

Probably because of competition from the iPad, netbooks have been beefed up to truly usable machines now and pricing has been slashed. Mine runs xp (sorry, please keep reading) which, if the iPad runs 200,000 apps, must run 2 bazillion.

I also like a real keyboard for any serious typing and a screen that folds to protect itself from the slings and arrows of urban misfortune.

In the US (probably there, too) cellphone service providers are now treating netbooks as just another mobile device, so if you want to contract for a service plan, you can get them for less than $100.

I am curious how you're getting on as an early adopter, though. Please, blog on.

I guess I chose to turn the other chic.


JP said...

Pat: the wind vane is on the Thames so a river angle

O'Docker - there's a certain 1.0 feel about it. I had a net book and just found it painfully slow and my main laptop too big to carrry.

More reviews to come.....

Anonymous said...

Which is the former Billingsgate Fish Market; easy as 'kiss my hand', even from here in canada.

JP said...

Anon - absolutely right: isn't it nice?

Anonymous said...

The Fish above the water! me thinks, this photo was taken at Bradford upon Avon, its above the local 2 man prison used for people who had to much to drink!