Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Seafarers Ale and Sea Fever TV

Shiver my timbers and yo ho ho, it's the time for seafarers and sea fever.

I saw this rather tempting advert in one of London's pubs today, and what could be a better combination than ale and sailing. There is of course the fine tradition of that first beer back after a voyage, but to drink to have a chance to join in the fun at Cowes week - that is PR genius. Well done Fullers with their Seafarers Ale.

It's also rather timely as Aunty Beeb is just about to start out on a series of maritime related programmes under the general banner "Sea Fever".

Art of the sea, sea shanties, famous boats, all linked into an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum on "The Boats that Built Britain."

Time to put my feet up, forget work, blogging and other writing and enjoy. All I need now is a fine ale to go with it.....


Bursledon Blogger said...

and more to the point, it's a nice pint!!

JP said...

I must sample some - and there is a good cause involved too!

Can you get it bottled?